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What is the need?​

The Stats section is the platform tool that enables you to view the broadcast data relating to circuit content. 

The Stats functionality is intended for all circuits that have the advertising module enabled, as it provides actual broadcasting figures.

This information is collected as showings of content, considering each of the players in which it has been scheduled.

Content showings: The log kept by the platform of each play of content on a player.

You can choose between several ways of viewing depending on what information is relevant to your analysis: 

  • Player: displayed from the point of view of an individual player, with information by broadcast content and campaigns
  • Content: from the point of view of a specific content item, with information about all the players to which it has been distributed
  • Advertising campaign: exclusively for advanced mode programming, within the Advertising module

It should be noted that even if a computer does not have an online connection to the platform, if it is turned on, the scheduled broadcasting will continue. The stats will be collected and when the internet connection is restored, the computer will send the recorded content showing data which will be reflected on the Platform.

Considering this factor, the section provides a complementary perspective of the circuit’s operability and is able to record what happened at the point of sale during the time that the player had no connection to the Platform. Stats will have been collected if the player was broadcasting, but if it was off, it will clearly be seen at a glance that there are no stats records for the player analysed.

Because it belongs to the Advertising Module, the Stats Service needs to be activated on the platform so that data collection can start, either for the entire project or for a particular group of devices in your circuit. 

The Stats Service is included with the Admira SaaS Business License. If you would like to activate it, please contact your Project Manager or write to us at

How to use the Stats Tool

If you have hired the Stats service, you can find the relevant section in the Management column of the platform home page.

Circuit management panel

There you will see that you can get three different types of Stats: By content, by player and by campaign. 


Stats by content

The system allows you to select the content for which you want to view the broadcast data

Statistics for content

The graphs show the number of showings of the selected content, depending on the date you enter at the top.


You can see the number of showings in three ways:

  • 1
    Plays between specific dates or on one day by the hour (depending on whether you choose several days or just one when you enter the date at the top). In the drop-down box, you can choose whether to display the plays of all the players assigned the content at the same time or just one particular player
Plays between specific dates
  • 2
    Content showings per player with broadcast percentage by player. If you select the “Change graph type” button, you can see the total number of showings per player.
Content showings per player
  • 3
    Total plays during the different months of the year
Reproducciones totales

Stats by player

Choose a player in the circuit to view its data. Here you can select two view types that provide different information: Graphs or List.


Stats by player

In addition to content showings at each broadcast point, they provide a history of data traffic (bandwidth usage) and the connection status of the computer (On / Stopped / Disconnected). You can also select a specific day for which information is displayed.

First, it will show you broadcasting by content and by campaign in percentages.

Content played by number of showings

Not only will you be able to see the content played by number of showings, but also by broadcast time.

Content duration

Finally, there is a timeline, a bandwidth graph and a status log graph


Status log


First, you can select the specific day and time for which you wish to view the content on that player in order of broadcast.


In addition to showing a preview of the content and its name, this window will give you information on length, start time and the campaign it belongs to.


Stats by campaign

In this case, you will first select the campaign on which you want information.


The graphs displayed are similar to those shown in the Stats by Content section. For showings in each time band, all content and creativities included in that campaign will be counted. 

You can see the number of showings in three ways:

  • 1
    Plays between specific dates entered at the top. In the drop-down box, you can choose whether to display the plays of all the players assigned the content at the same time or just one particular player
Plays between specific dates
  • 2
    Showings per player indicating the percentage or total number (selecting the “Change graph type” option).
Showings per player
  • 3
    Total plays during the different months of the year
Total players

In addition to the value they provide in their own right, the Stats will also be used subsequently to produce Channel Reports.

It should be noted that the information on showings always refers to broadcasting by player. However, Admira offers the possibility to extract the data, taking into account the number of screens associated with each player, in order to provide information on broadcasting by end display device. This is a Campaign Report.


What happens if you remove content from the platform but want information on its showings?

In this case, you must include the two possible content deletion options: automatically on the platform on reaching its expiration date or removed directly by the user.

In both cases, the contents will remain searchable in the Stats section. Moreover, even if they are permanently removed from the Deleted Content section, they will remain in the Stats by Content section so that you can view the showings they recorded.

Just as in Stats, in the Reporting section, you can view information on content broadcasting until the showings data stops being collected, since once it has been recorded, the server saves the data and it can be compiled in a report.

What is shown in Stats if you remove content from a campaign?

In this case, when you remove content, it will no longer post showings in Campaign Stats. Therefore, other content in that campaign will replace that broadcast space as if the content did not exist.

This means that, depending on the particularities of the content and the assigned distribution, more or less showings are collected (e.g. depending on the duration of the content, the ratio assigned, etc.).

It is interesting to know that the campaigns have a “Hide expired content” option that will help you hide content whose broadcast period has ended so that only the current content can be viewed.

To find out more about this action, see the Campaigns section (click here).

If you deregister a platform player, can you still see the stats that were collected?

If a player is removed from the platform, the Stats by player for that computer are no longer available. 

However, if you access the Stats by content or campaigns assigned to the player, the number of showings that had been recorded until the player was removed will be retained, but the name of the player will not be displayed.

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