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What is the need?

The Playlist section allows you to create playlists to broadcast on your circuit in Simple Mode.

  • Playlist creation
  • Assignment of content and/or blocks to the Playlist
  • See the list of Playlist that each player has
  • Filter by Playlist Name or Description
  • See the amount of content of each Playlist
  • See the number of players in which that Playlist is assigned
  • Individually or massively assign the Playlist(s) to the players
  • Edit, Delete and Duplicate the Playlists already created
Playlist Information

Edit Playlist

The Edit Playlist section allows you to customize the playlist to your liking:

  • Assign that Playlist to one or more players
  • Edit the name and description of the Playlist
  • See the size (in MB), the duration and the amount of content of the Playlist
  • Add, assign templates, duplicate, put conditionals, delete, order and set broadcast time to your content
  • Put a content before and after the one that is going to be broadcast
  • Set content schedule
  • Put hourly passes to the content
  • Put conditions on the content
  • Assign a template to content
Edit Playlist
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