Playlists with Criteria

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What is the need?​

The Criteria Playlist section allows you to control your circuit in advanced mode:

  • Player filtering in advanced mode
  • View the Playlist that will be broadcast according to the times you choose
  • View the list of contents the player has
  • Change the ratio for a player
  • Change criteria for a player
  • Assign a template to the player
  • See if the player has been able to generate a playlist
Playlists with Criteria

This icon is a warning that tells you which days it cannot generate a Playlist


To view the player in the Playlist with the criteria displayed, it must be in advanced mode



This section allows us to view the Playlist the player will generate based on the content you have assigned to it. To do this, you need to select a date and a time range.


Once you have chosen the date and time range, you will be able to view the generated Playlist. It shows the order in which the content will be broadcast, the expiration date of each item, its length, the exact time it is going to be broadcast and the type of distribution (unlimited or showings per hour).


Content list

This section allows you to see what content will be broadcast on the date you have selected.


Once you click on “Continue”, you will be able to view the content that will be broadcast that day:



In this section, you can choose a template that is already created and assign it to the player:

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