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What is the need?​

The Log section lets you know the download status of the content and which content is associated with a player. 

Once content has been distributed, it is advisable to review the Log to check that the content is correctly associated with the desired players and downloaded. 

For the change to be updated, the player needs to be connected. If the player does not have connectivity, it will continue to broadcast the previous content until it expires –in which case transition content would be broadcast– or until the connection is restored and the distribution can be updated. 

Possible actions

In the Log section, you can perform the following actions.

General actions:

  • Magnifying glass icon: Filter by information criteria and player information. During the creation of this search filter, you can combine as many information fields as necessary. For example: Download status + Country + Landscape display
  • Actions per player: To the right of each player are icons detailing the following information:
  • Icon “i”: Associated content information by player. Shows an image and the name of each content item available on the selected player. In the event that the content is pending download, the list of contents will be separated into 2 sections:
  • Pending: Pending downloads will be surrounded by a red frame. The content has not yet been downloaded to the player and therefore will not be broadcast
  • Downloaded: This section shows available content that is played on the selected player
  • Arrows icon: Downloads Log shortcut. Corresponds to the platform section Admin > Management > Downloads log.

It provides the details of the content download date and time. Select a player from the drop-down list and click on Attachments Log.

Downloads log

In the same section, you can access the Attachments Log by clicking on the paperclip icon.

  • Paperclip icon: Attachments Log shortcut This section is accessible through Admin > Management > Downloads Log > Attachments Log.

If you have distributed dynamic content (HTML/FLASH), it allows you to see the details of the attachments.

To do this, select a player from the drop-down list and click on Downloads Log

Attachments Log


Arrows and paperclip icon: Attachments Log and Downloads Log

  • Screens icon: Screens Log shortcut. This section can be accessed through Admin > Management > Screens Log.

The information in this section is related to Admin > Deployment > Device List.

The Screens Log section allows you to view the detailed log of the responses sent to the server, sorted chronologically (most recent first). In order to view this information, you must select a computer from the combo player and device ID, and a list will appear. 

Screens Log

You can only obtain this information if you have previously registered the devices on the portal (see previous section Screens).

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