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What is the need?

A block is a set of contents. This will be applied as normal content on the Playlist you choose.

The Blocks section allows you to:

  • Create blocks
  • Filter by block name
  • View the amount of content the block has
  • View the block play mode
  • View the number of plays assigned to the block
  • See if Skip mode is enabled (Yes) or disabled (No)
  • Edit a block
  • Duplicate a block
  • See the details of the block and change its configuration
  • Delete a block

Create a block

  • 1
    Give it a name
  • 2
    Provide a description (Optional)
  • 3
    Choose the play mode
  • 4
    Choose Skip mode
  • 5
    Choose the number of plays assigned to the block
New block

Block types


  • Randomly plays the contents included in the block


  • The player will remember the last content displayed and broadcast the next one, following the order of the contents in the block

Sequential with memory

  • If the player is reset, the player will remember the last content that was broadcast within the block and continue its broadcast as normal


  • Based on a category that you assign to the block, it will take all the content that has that category associated with it


In this mode, you cannot edit the order of the content.

Play mode

Edit a block

In this section, you can:

  • View the size, length and number of content items in the block
  • Assign content to the block
  • Add templates to the content
  • Duplicate one or more selected content items within the block
  • Add conditions to the content
  • Unassign content from the block
Edit block
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