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In this section, we will explain a number of terms that you will encounter frequently when using the Admira Digital Signage portal. It is our intention for you to become familiar with these words as soon as possible so that you can get the most out of the Admira solution.


Computer that, thanks to the software of the same name (Admira Player), acts as a receiver of the contents uploaded or generated in the portal and broadcasts them on the associated screens.

Simple Mode

The creation mode for Playlists in which the user specifies “manually” which content is broadcast and in what order.

Playlist (Simple Mode)

Content Playlist (loop). In this Playlist, the contents are listed according to the order in which they will be played when they are broadcast.

Block (Simple Mode)

A grouping of various ordered content items which is included in a Playlist as if it were a single item. This allows you to make “playlists within playlists” to manage new content and order it more easily, quickly and conveniently.

Advanced Mode

The mode in which Playlists are created automatically based on the ratios, criteria and categories of each content item.

Playlist by Criteria (Advanced Mode)

System-generated automatic playlist for each player, based on the following advanced distribution parameters:

Category (Advanced Mode)

A tag or keyword that refers to the typology of content – for example, “Advertising” or “Information”. Categories are used in Advanced Mode to generate playlists automatically, respecting the broadcast percentage that category of content has in the ratio (e.g. 50% advertising). Categories apply to content and to broadcast ratio percentages.

Criterion (Advanced Mode)

Tag or keyword that refers to the players to determine the distribution of the contents – for example, “All Players” or “Barcelona”. Criteria are used in Advanced Mode to generate playlists automatically and apply to content and players.

Ratio (Advanced Mode)

Broadcast share (“screen quota”) for each content category. The broadcast ratio applies to the player.


We recommend using Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers to access the online management portal. 

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